The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle


Bring your gut health to the next level with the Ultimate Gut Health Bundle. Build a strong foundation of gut health to kick your digestive symptoms to the curb…permanently!!!


Cultivate perfect healthy gut with The Ultimate Gut Health bundle!!!

The purpose of this program is to build a solid foundation for your gut to thrive by teaching you how behavior shapes gut health and function. And without a strong foundation, the gut cannot thrive and becomes susceptible to dysbiosis, damage, and motility problems. Consequently, you’ll experience the oh so common symptoms of pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and more.

Your gut is like the roots of a flower, without solid roots, you can never thrive!!! Therefore, we want to build a strong root structure and being tending our inner garden of gut health. So how does it work?

The first part of The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle is the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge. Running a 12 week session of the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge helps lower inflammation, repair damage, and seals up the gut for stage 2. Above all, the habits you learn in the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge help build the strong roots necessary for letting your inner garden grow.

In stage 2, you apply the Circadian Retraining Program principles to further strengthen your gut. You’ve built a solid root structure, now let it bring health back to your body. Most importantly, let’s kick digestive problems to the curb…permanently!

What you’ll learn in the ultimate gut health bundle:

  • How circadian rhythms regulate gut function
  • How circadian disruption impairs the gut
  • The most important variables for strengthening gut function
  • How to measure progress
  • The nutritional support necessary to build a strong gut and circadian rhythms
  • Using exercise to improve gut function
  • How to correct hyperglycemia, which is essential to a healthy gut
  • How to address circadian rhythms with adrenal dysfunction
  • The proper sleep hygiene to build better sleep
  • How to limit the damaging effects of alcohol
  • Why our microbiome thrives when our circadian rhythms are strong
  • How elimination diets can make things worse
  • Why reintroducing foods is important and how to do it
  • The importance of exposing yourself to the Sun
  • And more…

What you’ll get:

  • The Stop Leaky Gut Challenge: An 18 point plan to build a solid root structure in your inner garden. A 12 week run is just what you need to start your journey. As a result, your gut will feel better than it has in years!
  • The Circadian Retraining Program: A comprehensive program to take the gut health you’ve cultivated in the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge to the next level. You’ll build resilience and allow your inner garden to flourish. In other words, you’ll have the gut health you’ve always dreamed of.

So don’t wait, get your gut health back on track! Most importantly, eliminate and prevent the annoying gut symptoms that have become so prevalent! Start today!


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