Fixing Adrenal Fatigue Circadian Bundle


If you’ve had problems fixing adrenal fatigue, you’re not alone.  That’s because most people have been following the wrong paradigm.  Your adrenal glands aren’t “wearing out”, they are unable to communicate effectively with the rest of the body because your circadian rhythms are disrupted.

The Fixing Adrenal Fatigue Circadian Bundle will help restore proper communication throughout your body, allowing the adrenal glands to work with the other organs in your body to help you feel great, have tons of energy, and elevate your mood.


Have you spent endless time and money fixing adrenal fatigue but had zero luck?  Do you have problems waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night?  Do you feel you just don’t have the energy to go about your day?  Are you irritable to the point where you just can’t stand everything?

Maybe it’s time to change your approach.  People used to think adrenal fatigue was simply caused by stress piling up and causing the adrenal glands to “fatigue”.  But that’s not what happens.  Instead, it appears that the adrenal glands are just fine, it’s the signaling between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands that gets messed up.

So how do you get around to fixing adrenal fatigue?  Well first, you need to understand the science

Fixing Adrenal Fatigue with Science

Just 20 years ago, people thought high levels of cortisol, one of the stress hormones secreted by the adrenal glands, was just about the worst thing you could have.  So everyone started taking supplements to lower their cortisol.  But the problem with this is that there are times during the day that you actually want high cortisol, such as the morning.

There are many reasons why we want higher levels of cortisol in the morning.  Cortisol:

  • Wakes us up and promotes alertness
  • Liberates energy for the day
  • It increases blood glucose to keep it stable while fasting
  • Functions as an anti-inflammatory
  • Recycles bile acids

These things are great during the morning, but we don’t want to liberate energy and increase alertness before bed, we wouldn’t be able to fall asleep.  So cortisol begins to decline as we get closer to bed.  And this increase in the morning and decrease at night is controlled by circadian rhythms.

Thus, the first step in fixing adrenal fatigue is to fix your circadian rhythm.  The Fixing Adrenal Fatigue Bundle comes with the 6 modules of the Circadian Basics Bundle:

  • The quickstart guide
  • Introduction
  • Light Exposure
  • The Feeding/Fasting cycle
  • Physical activity
  • Putting it all together

It also includes a module on fixing adrenal fatigue.  And this is extremely important, because people with adrenal fatigue can have a terrible time trying to fix their circadian rhythms because their blood sugar can crash, they can become irritable, and physical activity can be daunting.  You have to do things in the proper order, and make sure you’re not rushing things.

So now’s the time to kick adrenal fatigue to the curb.  Use the science of circadian rhythms and accomplish your ultimate goal of fixing adrenal fatigue.


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