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There are 2 tiers of forum rules on the Hack Your Gut forums. Breaking any rule in tier 1 just once will get you banned, no exceptions!

Tier 1 rules:

1)Don't bring political discussions in to the forums. Period.

2)Be respectful, no name calling, and no ad hominem attacks just because you disagree with someone.

3)No racist or sexist remarks. Furthermore, don't inject racism or sexism into discussions. If you have data showing gender- or race-based differences in gut health that you believe are interesting, those are welcome if fully referenced.

4)No solicitation of your website, products or services, aka spam.


Tier 2 is more of an etiquette based set of rules. Essentially, they simply make the forums easier for people to follow and for the moderators to maintain them. Please follow the tier 2 rules to make this experience good for all users.

1)Don't make baseless claims, support your argument with citations (Regularly breaking this rule will get you banned)

2)Word your statements accurately. You can believe A cures B, but if you don't have credible evidence to back it up,  say you believe A causes B, not that A causes B.

3)Keep posts in the appropriate forums

4)Don't trash other people's diets or perspectives

5)Consult your healthcare provider before taking any form of advice on health

Posted : 22/09/2020 5:51 pm