The Human’s Guide to Being Human

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Welcome to the Human’s Guide to Being Human! The purpose of “The Human’s Guide…” series is to educate you on the ways that the human body works. It essentially functions as a user’s manual for the human body.

The course is designed to help the layperson understand basic scientific concepts so they can live a long happy life. Much of what is considered healthy to most people is anything but. You deserve to have access to good information based on good science, not myths based on voodoo and sorcery.

Throughout the series we’ll cover a number of topics such as weight loss, improving sleep, reversing type 2 diabetes, gut health, leaky gut, and so on. All of these topics are linked, and when you understand the basic biology you can address all of them with the same tools. The purpose of this introductory class is to give you some background. We’ll cover:

  • What the origins of life can tell us about our physiology
  • How all life is interconnected
  • What the true meaning of life is and what it tells us about health
  • How our past can help drive good lifestyle decisions
  • Why things that are good for us like exercise are good for us
  • Why things that are bad for us like obesity are bad for us
  • Why looking at body systems in isolation is a huge mistake
  • How things happen in our body

So strap in and get your learn on. I promise it won’t be difficult, and you’ll learn tons!