Podcast 2-Mitochondria

In this weeks podcast, I cover the mitochondria.  Specifically, why they're important, what they do, and how we can maintain proper mitochondrial quality control for optimal health.  We'll cover... What are mitochondria? Important processes the mitochondria are involved in Provide >90% of you ATP Play an integral role in hormone synthesis Intermediates for epigenetic regulation … Continue reading Podcast 2-Mitochondria


Amazing mitochondria: More than just cellular powerhouses

Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of our cells due to their high energy generating capacity in the form of adenine triphosphate(ATP).  In fact, 90% of the ATP generated in our body is made in the mitochondria via the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain. Cell types vary in their number of mitochondria, typically based … Continue reading Amazing mitochondria: More than just cellular powerhouses