About me

My name is Dave Mayo and my goal with this blog is to spread info on gut health. Rather than start with my bio stuff, I’ll just get down to what this blog is about.  I have a simple mindset, I want to be healthy and have fun.  For me, fun doesn’t include being uber-restrictive on my diet.  I want to drink beer, eat pizza or chinese food from time to time, not keel over when I’m 60, and not spend 15 years dealing with chronic illness.  I also want to be lean.

To do this, I’ve identified some important factors that I believe will help get me there.  For the most part, my plan for this blog is to stick to stuff relating to gut health.  I think gut health is one of, if not the biggest factors that affects people’s lives.  At the very least it’s one most people don’t pay any attention to until something goes wrong.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do some exercise or sleep stuff, because I think those are 2 other big health factors and they impact gut health.

I’ll be publishing self-experimentation stuff under the category “N=Dave“.  I’ll also post some blogs on new studies that come out and why you should or shouldn’t be excited about them.  But the majority of this blog will be personal arrangements of the science I read.  Down the road I may put together some programs to help people improve digestion and overall health, but my primary focus now is to get my ideas down in a readable format on this blog.

Since I’m not asking for any skrilla, I just ask that you “share” and “like” my stuff on social media.  Of course, I’m thankful for the folks who do this, so I plan on hooking those people up with exclusive blogs that I’ll either password protect or drop in the facebook group found here.  These will be more “tip” blogs than science blogs.

Just a note, the facebook page isn’t going to be for people to ask for health advice.  I’m fine with people asking what I think is important to gut health including nutrients, but don’t ask me which supplements you should take.  I’d tell you to talk to your doctor about that, but that’s typically a giant waste of time.  Anywho, so here’s the part you probably don’t care about…

I’ve always loved math and science, I was initially going to college for Aerospace Engineering but it didn’t really jibe with my other love: not sitting at a desk all day.  I then switched to Human Factor/Ergonomics and loved the research aspect of it.

After getting my bachelors I ended up leaving grad school and working at the University of Pennsylvania for 6 years in clinical research.  I loved the research part of it and my role allowed me to move around from building to building all day.  But, once my grant ran out I decided I’d had enough working indoors all day and decided to do personal training full time.  I’d worked part-time in college as a trainer and kept it around for a part-time gig as I really liked helping people.  I was also looking to work specifically with athletes so I got the certification that let me do that and then forgot all of that information so I could learn more modern biology stuff.

Over the past 10 or so years I’ve been digging in to health, specifically as it pertains to me, but also giving info to my clients on how they could live healthier or perform better.  When they have a question like, “When should I eat”, I tell them what the data shows and what I would do if I were them.  I started blogging 4 or so years ago at my former blog synergyhw.blogspot.com, and my plan is to update a bunch of that stuff and bring it over here.  I’m pretty much done with this part because anything else at this point is just filler.