New women’s health series on Youtube shorts

If you’re looking for women’s health information, ladies, this one’s for you!

We got a lot of feedback on some of our Youtube shorts from the women-folk, and these videos seem to be really popular. So we’re going to dedicate more time on this topic to give you high quality information you can use to upgrade your life.

First up is a new series on how a woman’s microbiome effects her cardiometabolic health. If you don’t know what that is, it refers to diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Ya know, the ones most likely to kill ya.

This will be a 4-part series on Youtube shorts discussing how age-related changes to the microbiome increase a woman’s cardiometabolic disease risk. The first one dropped today, and covers how these changes increase risk check it out below:

Upcoming episodes on women’s health

The following 3 episodes will cover:

  • Lifestyle changes that are important to help neutralize this increased risk
  • How your diet modulates risk
  • Testing to assess risk

The goal will be to keep these short and concise and not overloaded with information so that they’re easy to understand. We’ll include extra resources in the descriptions if you want more. You can access it by clicking the 3 dots in the lower righthand corners of the videos.

In addition to this, we’re also going to be pumping out more women’s health videos. If it’s popular enough, we’ll even dedicate a weekly video to topics centering around women’s gut and overall health.

We need your help getting this information out!

Women’s health is poorly covered online and on social media. It seems like there’s a lot of demand for it, and we’d love to provide it.

The best way to help us keep pumping it out is to subscribe to the Youtube channel and share our videos on social media. This tells us you want more and that these videos are popular.

Thanks for watching & sharing!

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