Foods for a healthy gut: Building a gut-friendly meal plan

There are many different foods for a healthy gut. This is a great thing because many people are finicky when it comes to their diet.

For example, beets are great for your gut. But, to me, they taste like dirt and I don’t like to eat the. Fortunately, there are tons of other comparable options.

Our diet plays an incredibly important role for our gut health, both positively and negatively. So it’s important that we regularly eat a diet that promotes gut health. This means consuming more of some things, and less of others.

In today’s video blog we discuss eating for a healthy gut. We discuss how to monitor gut health and which components of foods are important for a healthy gut.

Foods for a healthy gut: Stir fry

Eating for a healthy gut: What to eat, what to limit, and sample meals

What are the benefits of gut health? Furthermore, what does a healthy gut “look” like? If you want a healthy gut, these are important questions to ask. So we spend the first few minutes of the video discussing these important concepts.

Next, we move on to foods that affect gut health. There are 2 major avenues to address when selecting foods that create a healthy gut. For one, there are certain components of our meals that help promote gut health. We talk about why these factors promote a healthy gut.

Secondly, there are things we should limit or avoid to promote gut health. Unfortunately, these things are very common in the modern diet, so it’s definitely an adjustment reducing them.

Once we lay down these 2 separate sets of criteria, we move on to a template for building meals that are healthy for your gut. Personally, I like order in my diet, so I prefer to have my basic meal structure stay the same from meal to meal.

Speaking of which, we finish the video with 2 sample meals that I eat most days of the week. The first is a breakfast, and the other is my current standard weekly lunch. They’re both fairly easy to make and the ingredients are super common.

Check out today’s video and build some healthy meals for yourself. Let us know how it owrks out for you here or on Youtube.


  • (00:40) Benefits of a healthy gut
  • (2:03) Defining gut health
  • (4:18) The microbiome and gut health
  • (5:28) What a healthy gut “looks” like
  • (7:38) Factors that promote gut health
  • (9:40) Factors that impair gut health
  • (12:52) Creating healthy gut meals(w/ 2 sample meals)

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