Getting healthy gut bacteria to thrive in your gut

Gut bacteria live in communities throughout your digestive tract. They do many things for you while they hang out there. They help digest your food, synthesize vitamins and metabolites that make you healthy, and help train your immune system.

But since the science is so new, there’s a lot to digest(Pun intended). As a result, there are a lot of products out there promising to help take your gut bacteria to the next level.

So how do you build a healthy gut microbiome teeming with the kinds of bacteria that will make you healthy? Well, first, it helps to understand how the whole system works.

Microorganisms don’t just camp out anywhere. Their genes largely dictate where they can live, and those genes make them suited for very specific conditions. It’s almost like a landlord-tenant relationship.

If you want good tenants, you’re going to have to provide a suitable living situation for them. So we made a video to help you understand what they’re looking for. That way, they tell their other good microbe friends and bring them along to stay too.

Healthy gut bacteria

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Get the good gut bacteria that you deserve

In today’s video blog, we discuss how your gut health shapes you microbiome. In fact, gut health shapes your microbiome just as much as your microbiome shapes your gut health. We talk about how different parts of your gut harbor different microbes and why that happens.

We’ll also tell you about the most important things to do to hold up your end of the bargain. If you build it, the good microbes will come! We finish off by discussing whether or not you can find your ideal diet by testing the microbiome.

Whether you have a gut problem you want to fix or you just want to stay healthy, this video will help. It will form the foundation for future videos with the intent purpose of helping you build a healthy gut and microbiome.

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