Is intestinal inflammation caused by an energy imbalance in the gut?

Intestinal inflammation has some serious deleterious consequences for your overall health. Most importantly, gut inflammation impairs gut function. This messes with digestion, absorption, as well as permeability of the gut.

We just dropped a video on Youtube covering why the gut is such an energy hog. We cover:

  • How the gut rivals the brain as an expensive tissue to maintain
  • The factors outside of digestion & absorption that require so much energy
  • The expense of preventing intestinal permeability
  • Energy metabolism in the gut
  • The primary fuel sources for enterocytes(Small intestine) and colonocytes(large intestine)
  • Microbial sources of energy
  • How inflammation ramps up energy costs in the gut
  • How you can make sure energy supply meets energy demand in the gut

You can check out that video by clicking below. Underneath we’ll discuss a few more things and link to a wonderful paper covering some of this stuff.

More thoughts on the relationship intestinal inflammation and energy homeostasis

When it all comes down to it, preventing leaky gut is extremely energy expensive. Therefore, all the factors we covered in the video are mechanisms to prevent leaky gut.

Unfortunately, you can get to a point where this whole thing snowballs. Intestinal permeability causes inflammation. Consequently, inflammation causes more permeability.

Either way, both increase energy demand in the gut. And, if demand exceeds supply, you can’t repair the damage. As a result, you enter a perpetually energy deficient state that crushes the gut.

If you want to read more on this topic, there’s a wonderful review paper covering it that you can check out here.

We covered a few of the important ways to prevent this in the video. And this time of year is a ripe time for improving your lifestyle.

If you need help, check out our programs!

But, if you need help, we got you covered. First and foremost we have the Ultimate Gut Health Bundle. This program helps you get your gut right and teaches you how to harness the power of circadian rhythms to improve your gut health. It’s a bundle of the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge and the Circadian Retraining Program.

Next, we have the Circadian Retraining Program. This program provides a deep dive into circadian rhythms and all the factors that regulate them. Circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of gut health. Moreover, they help match energy supply to energy demand throughout the body.

Finally, we have The Healthy Lifestyle Program Phase 1: Circadian Rhythms. This is our newest program and the one we designed with a focus on ease of implementation. It’s a simple-to-follow, learn-while-doing program that helps you improve compliance by:

  • Teaching you about important habits that regulate circadian rhythms
  • Providing a system to slowly apply these habits
  • Scoring your progress so you can see how you’re doing
  • Teaching you how to measure the beneficial changes

So, if you’re looking for a plug-and-play program, this one’s for you.

In conclusion, it’s unfortunate that people are unaware of how important lifestyle is for gut health. Certainly, it’s not a simple thing to just change your lifestyle.

But, if you want to limit intestinal inflammation, lifestyle is key. Start by applying the recommendations in the video and see where it takes your gut health.

If you need help with the circadian stuff, check out our programs above!

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