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Hey folks, it’s September 28th, and today’s the last day to save on our circadian rhythms masterclass. Purchase the Healthy Lifestyle Phase 1: Circadian Rhythms today and save $50 off the regular price of $97.

This program was born out of the many misconceptions we deal with while helping people build a strong circadian rhythm. Much of the time, people think they pop on some blue blockers at night and do time-restricted eating and they’re all set.

But the problem is, they’re often unknowingly doing many other things that disrupt their circadian rhythms. Most people are shocked by how little things they don;t even consider can have such a disrupting effect.

So we synthesized the literature down to a little over 3 hours worth of video presentations. Oh yeah we also developed a fun way to implement the principles along with a scoring system.

And to make sure you actually see changes, we teach you how to measure your progress.

Circadian rhythms masterclass

What’s in the circadian rhythms masterclass?

We cover a lot in this program, from determining your chronotype to the 3 major zeitgebers(And some of the minor ones). We also cover how to make your circadian rhythm environment ideal as well as a thorough dive into sleep hygiene.

But most importantly, we show you how to measure how things are working, and how to individualize the program to your individual needs. At the end of this circadian rhythms masterclass, you’ll:

These amazing benefits can be yours when you join the circadian rhythms masterclass today. In 4 weeks you’ll be a completely different person!

Don’t miss out, jump on this opportunity to dramatically improve your life for the better while saving $50 on the program. To purchase, go to

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