Build healthy habits with the Healthy Lifestyle Program!

Are you looking to build healthy habits but don’t know where to start? Do you have a tendency to make up your mind to change, only to never completely follow through? Well, that ends today.

Changing your lifestyle isn’t a walk in the park. And most of the time, people fly blind. They make a promise to themself to start a diet and exercise, but 3 months in they crash and burn.

As a result, people hop on an endless rollercoaster of half efforts and failures. But the problem isn’t that they don;t want to change or that they aren’t motivated. It’s that the steps they take all but assure that they’ll fail.

So we designed a program that not only teaches people what a healthy lifestyle is, but gives them a program that seamlessly helps them implement and follow that information.

We call it the Healthy Lifestyle Program(Creative name, eh?)

Build healthy habits

Build healthy habits with the Healthy Lifestyle Program

At this point, if you’re still reading, we’ve piqued your interest. Your time is valuable and you’re not interested in wasting too much of it. You want to build healthy habits, you just want to succeed this time.

When changing your lifestyle, there are some techniques that help you increase your success.

  • Implementing small changes gradually to build momentum
  • Having a system that gauges progress
  • Being able to assess compliance
  • Having a laid out, strategic plan

The Healthy Lifestyle Program incorporates all these factors. Our pragmatic and logical approach front-loads the program with simple changes that are easier to implement but yield huge benefits. Each week you watch 3-5 10 minute video modules and implement 2-3 simple tasks.

It also uses a scoring system known as the Compliance Calendar. The Compliance Calendar helps you score your success at implementing your weekly tasks. It also allows you to enter outcome data to see how your body changes throughout the program.

The information in the program is top notch. Each 4 week course covers integral aspects of your lifestyle to help you build healthy habits that stick!

But the true magic is the layout of the program. We use an innovative “Learn while doing” system that immerses you into and makes you an active participant in your lifestyle changes. And that system helps you identify what works for you to help build a personalized program that suits YOUR needs.

Phase 1: Circadian rhythms

If your goal is to build healthy habits, you have to start at the beginning. The best way to guarantee success is to put yourself into the right frame of mind, build motivation, and make yourself feel great right from the start!

There is no better way to do this than to start with circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms regulate nearly every aspect of our physiology. They regulate mood, metabolism, appetite, immune function, gut health, cognition, and of course, sleep.

Phase 1 of the Health Lifestyle Program teaches you everything you need to know about circadian rhythms. You’ll learn the most important factors that regulate them, and you’ll learn about the things you do that disrupt them.

To check out the course syllabus and more info on the course, click here

At the end of this 4-week course, you’ll feel amazing and have the tools you need to build a strong foundation of health, happiness, and performance over the following weeks. You’ll also be set up to begin Phase 2: Diet, which drops this coming winter.

You can currently purchase the Healthy Lifestyle Program Phase 1: Circadian Rhythms in the store for a discounted rate of $47. This special price is only available for this first week of released. Next Tuesday, the program moves to the normal price of $97.

Don’t hesitate on this. Experience the amazing benefits of this program while saving yourself some $krillah. Click the button below to purchase Phase 1 today!

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