Finding YOUR best diet!!!!

In today’s episode of the show, we cover how to build the best diet for you.

It’s very difficult to weed through the information, and misinformation, on diet. It’s perfectly normal to seek out what has worked for others and give it a shot.

But works for some may not work for others. Furthermore, oftentimes it’s the act of following a program altogether that works, rather than some of the specifics of the what you eat.

So today’s episode is dedicated to helping you find your healthiest meal plan. We talk about where to start, how to tweak, and what really matters.

Best diet

Building your best diet

Should you go keto? What about Paleo? Carnivore seems all the rage, why not that?

Everyone loves a good story. And most of the time, the backstory or narrative behind why a diet works draws people in. However, many times the narrative is inconsistent and loaded with false narratives.

Therefore, it’s important to talk about why these narratives bring you down a bad path.

Next, we’ll talk about a bit about “science”. We discuss how popular diet authors and social media influencers use slight of hand tactics and mechanistic data to make the plan they push seem better than it actually is. The proverbial “Putting lipstick on a pig”.

I fell for this hook, line, and sinker a decade ago, and much of this video is simply a highlight of the things I’ve learned as I’ve traversed the nutrition landscape personally, and with clients.

Finally, we discuss how you can build the healthiest meal plan that works best for you, even if you use one of these diets as a jump-off point.

We talk my mistakes, understanding when a statement about a diet seems fishy, and the framework for how you should build YOUR best diet.


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