Optimize health with a Fitbit: The Health, Happiness, & Performance Show Ep. 3

Hey folks, if you’re looking to optimize health, I can’t think of a better tool than a Fitbit. Most of the available models give you some pretty sweet information you can use to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Wearables can be a great tool for motivation, giving you step goals to achieveand things of that nature. But the real power of wearables is the feedback they give you.

We are way past the days of the paper clip-looking pedometer that only counted steps. Most wearables give you a ton of useful information to act on. You can use them as a way to measure how changes affect your body, sleep and resilience to stress.

There are many wearables available on the market, but I’m a big fan of the Fitbit models for a couple of reasons:

  • The give you a ton of great measures to follow
  • The user-interface is amazing
  • The sleep tracking function is the best out there
  • They measure moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • They measure your heart rate through the day
  • HRV, spO2, and temperature are now being measured
  • They are better while being much cheaper than other wearables

But a tool is only as good as a you use it, and not everyone has the know-how to use it properly to optimize health.

Optimize Health with a Fitbit Charge 4

Why I use Fitbit to optimize my health

In today’s episode of the show, I cover why I use the Fitbit as my primary tool to optimize health.

We’ll talk about the things it can do as well as the validation studies showing it to be pretty good at measuring sleep.

You can check out those studies here, here, and here.

On top of that, The Quantified Scientist has put it head to head against polysomnography to see how well it stacks up in sleep staging. Check that out here.

He’s reviewed most of the devices this way and the Fitbit seems to be the best in the biz. Check out his Youtube Channel here.

But I don’t just use it to measure sleep, they also have other features that are useful, and we’ll talk about those too.

Next on the show…

While it’s nice to see why the Fitbit is useful to optimize health, you’d probably prefer to hear how I’ve used it. In our next episode we’ll talk about how I use the fitbit, and how you can use it to optimize your health too!

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