Circadian rhythms and aging

Discuss how the nutrient sensing pathways are the hot mechanisms to delay age-related decline(SIRT1(NAD+), AMPK, mTOR, IIS) Mention how this is tissue specific and more complex than taking a supplement(mTOR inhibition in adipose tissue vs muscle)

Discuss how nutrient sensing pathways play a role in circadian rhythms

Clock/Bmal1–>NAMPT–>NAD+–>SIRT1–>Binds Clock/Bmal1 & degrades Per2

AMPK–>inhibits Cry1

Circadian rhythms–>Behavioral rhythms–>Circadian rhythms

Late chronotype associated with many health problems, driven at least in part by disturbed metabolic and hormonal rhythms. This can be due to inconsistent schedule(Social jet lag), or misalignment between behavioral rhythms and the environmental day/night cycle. Being a night owl in an early bird world.


  • Being sufficiently active matters
  • Metabolic fitness matters
  • Sleep hygiene matters
  • Meal patterns matter (Window, frequency, spacing, biggest meal time in respect to bedtime)
  • Stress management matters
  • Nutrient dense diet matters(Plants and animals have important nutrients)

Most people believe that they can get outside during the day, block blue light at night, and select a feeding window willy-nilly and they’ll simply have strong synchronized circadian rhythms. But the truth of the matter is, there is wide variation with what works for each individual, and the most important factor is that you select factors that lead to some level of energy restriction and to maintaining a healthy weight.

The permutations in what works for each person are numerous, and may depend on factors such as age, lifestyle, work and social schedules, preferred mode of exercise, psychological factors, and personal obligations. For some, this means early TRE with 3 larger keto meals is ideal, while for others this means late TRE with 5 small Mediterranean style meals is best.

The point is, if you’re trying these things, it’s best to sample each method and see how you respond. Most people just read something on the internet and blindly follow it.

Animal models–>Help identify how things work, not appropriate for species specific diet–>MR extends lifespan not necessarily true for humans

Interesting affects of diet on sleep:

Keto increased deep slow wave sleep but decreased REM sleep in obese individuals(Dependent on weight loss)

Vegan diet confers metabolic benefit via increased FGF21 oscillations(Fasting), possibly due to low methionine intake

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