Healthy habits key to reversing Hashimoto’s symptoms

Hashimoto’s symptoms can be very debilitating. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition causing lower thyroid output. Since the thyroid controls metabolism throughout the body, people with Hashimoto’s feel worn out all the time.

Addressing this condition is very difficult, and rarely successful. Most of the time people simply want to feel normal again, to retain their former vigor.

Typically, replacement of thyroid hormone is how people address the condition. But that doesn’t always work, and even if it does, are you really treating the underlying cause?

Very few people look at changing their lifestyle to improve Hashimoto’s symptoms. Certainly it’s much easier to replace lower thyroid hormone with a drug. But if you put in the time, changing your lifestyle can lead to vastly better improvements.

Behavior change requires 2 components to be successful. First, you need good information to act on. You need a plan that utilizes solid science that yields palpable results that, in and of themselves, make you wanting more.

Secondly, but not any less important, is the implementation of that information. You could have the best program in the World with the best information. But if you don’t develop a logical plan to properly implement that information it won’t work.

Today we have a testimonial from someone in our Ultimate Gut Health Bundle who also opted to use our health coaching to implement the program. As you’ll see, her results were nothing short of amazing.

Building healthy habits: Information + motivation = SUCCESS!!!

We can’t lie, receiving emails from people who see success in our program is highly rewarding. Most of the time, they come out of the blue, which makes them almost like a Christmas present.

Just the other day we received one from a program member and coaching client. She is a 52 year old woman trying to recover from Hashimoto’s, being hypothyroid for 4 years. Consequently, her fatigue and poor mood were caused by her low thyroid output.

As you can see from the before and after emails, after 2.5 months, she’s beginning to feel like the old her.

Intro email:

Reversing Hashimoto's symptoms with lifestyle

She started the program in October. Two and a half months later:

Reversing Hashimoto's symptoms with lifestyle change

Let’s unpack what we see here.

Improving Hashimoto’s symptoms with Circadian Retraining

As you can see from the email, this woman saw exactly the results she was looking for. Many systems in our body go haywire when thyroid output is impaired. She had low energy, poor digestion, and her mood was Blah!

As a result of her efforts, she saw:

  • Improved resilience
  • Increased energy
  • Better motility
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Better mood

This is what happens when you create synergy in the body. Things simply start coming back online. Moreover, as her digestion improved, progress steamrolled.

We often discuss the importance of synchronizing the circadian rhythm of our gut to our own circadian rhythm. Taking thyroid hormone corrects thyroid deficiency, but doesn’t address this uber-important concept.

Her results show what is possible by building a health lifestyle through better circadian habits. We look forward to hearing about her continued progress, and that of her partner!

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