Day after Christmas 50% off Sale (EXTENDED THROUGH Monday 12/28/2020)

Do you want to tell 2020 to suck it?

Well, let’s make 2021 the year you reclaim your health and sanity. Today and tomorrow, get 50% off the Circadian Retraining Program OR The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle!!!

We all know what’s happening one week from today: The start of New Years resolution season.

But why would either of these programs help you achieve your annual health goals?

Both programs utilize the science of circadian rhythms. If you’re not aware, circadian rhythms control various aspects of our physiology that play an important role in weight loss and overall health. Including:

  • Appetite
  • Motivation
  • Fat and glucose metabolism
  • Mood
  • Exercise recovery
  • Performance
  • The microbiome/gut health
  • Sleep

Every cell throughout your body has its own circadian clock, and these clocks create organ clocks. When you align all these clocks, you create synergy that improves various aspects of health, making your weight loss efforts more effective.

Just imagine how much easier your weight loss efforts will be if you’re:

  • Less hungry
  • In a better mood
  • More motivated
  • Better digestion
  • Sleeping like a log
  • Able to recover from workouts like a champ

What’s included?

The great thing about these programs is they are both all-in-one programs and cover critically important factors that most people ignore.

Everyone takes the same approach year in and year out: Diet and exercise. But these 2 programs cover these topics as well as essentially everything else that’s important:

  • Meal patterning, spacing, and frequency
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Activity patterns
  • Exercise timing
  • Alcohol intake
  • Using activity trackers to improve results
  • Nutrients to improve circadian rhythms
  • And more…

Both programs also have a 12-week, 4 stage on-ramp exercise program for beginners who want to maximize their results.

For those looking to bring their gut health to the next level in 2021, both also have Syncing the Microbial Clock, by far the greatest and most comprehensive material we’ve produced on gut health. At a runtime of 57 minutes, it is overloaded with information and tips to synchronize your circadian rhythms with the circadian rhythm of your microbiome.

Check out the trailer to Syncing the Microbial Clock

And let’s not forget about the private Facebook group where you can receive guidance or motivation along the way. You’ll also receive weekly reminders to stay on track.

Act now, don’t delay…

Just mindlessly going about diet and exercise is destined to fail, it’s why most people’s efforts will be kaput by March. And unfortunately, many will be worse off than when they started.

Don’t be one of these people, join the Circadian Retraining Program or Ultimate Gut Health Bundle today. Make the commitment to yourself to ensure success.

Reach your goals and maintain them throughout the year!!! Get off the roller coaster that everyone else is on!

To learn more or to purchase, click the links below:

Circadian Retraining Program

The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

Let’s crush 2021!!!

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