HYG Podcast Episode 16: Meal schedule Q&A

Hey folks, welcome to another episode of the Hack Your Gut Podcast. In today’s episode, we answer some questions on meal schedule and timing. Thanks for all who sent in questions.

Here are the questions for the podcast:

  1. What is your current diet and meal schedule like?
  2. I normally drink coffee with ghee at 8:30am and then eat food around 9:30am. Is this ok for my circadian rhythm? When I do a 24 hour fast once every 3 months, is it ok to shift this by an hour?
  3. Are you doing anything extra for COVID-19?
  4. When do you eat your last meal?
  5. Is there a better time of day to eat things with toxins such as oxalate, lectins, etc.? (For more on oxalates, check out this blog and this video.
  6. Can intermittent fasting create issues with fertility? Is it something you should avoid if trying to get pregnant?

Some people asked questions not related to meal scheduling, so I left them out of this podcast. But if any readers have other questions related to gut health, circadian rhythms, or health in general, I’ll throw together another Q&A in the future.

Send all questions to Dave@hackyourgut.com, enjoy!

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