HYG Podcast Ep. 13: Aging, the gut, and blocking blue light

Hello folks, and welcome to another episode of the Hack your Gut Podcast. In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Why gut health and aging are linked?
  • Predictable changes in DNA methylation as a biomarker of aging
  • What is an epigenetic clock and what does it tell us about aging?
  • How each of us ages at a different rate
  • Which organs age faster than others?
  • Which diseases correlate to faster “ticking”?
  • What speeds up the epigenetic clock?
  • What are senescent cells and what are their relationship to aging and the gut?
  • How skin health impacts gut health
  • What we should do in addition to blocking blue light at night to master our light environment
  • What’s coming up on the podcast

Send all questions and comments to Dave@hackyourgut.com

Hope you all enjoy!

How I developed my optimized lifestyle Hack your gut

I’m this episode of the podcast, I discuss how I developed my personalized, optimized lifestyle. It took a lot of trial and error, and being precise with how I tweak things. The result: happy, healthy and thriving!
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  2. The Truth about Chronotype
  3. Meal scheduling Q&A
  4. Gut health, aging, and the epigenetic clock
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