HYG Podcast Ep. 12: My diet/exercise, red light therapy, and inflammaging

Hey folks, in this week’s episode of the podcast, I cover:

  • How/why I’ve shifted my diet from a restrictive low carb Paleo diet to a high carb diet without restriction
  • The 3 exercise/physical activity variables I pay attention to and how I do it.
  • What the red light therapy study shows us about daily light exposure and vision
  • Low cortisol as a driver of the aging process
  • Why I consume foods high in a polyphenol called apigenin to inhibit inflammation and slow down aging

I hope you enjoy!

How I developed my optimized lifestyle Hack your gut

I’m this episode of the podcast, I discuss how I developed my personalized, optimized lifestyle. It took a lot of trial and error, and being precise with how I tweak things. The result: happy, healthy and thriving!
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  3. Meal scheduling Q&A
  4. Gut health, aging, and the epigenetic clock
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2 thoughts on “HYG Podcast Ep. 12: My diet/exercise, red light therapy, and inflammaging

  1. Ben Nguyen says:

    You mention companies that sell the red-light therapy, also sell goggles to protect your eyes. Isn’t the red light *supposed* to go to the eyes? Can you link to the companies that sell the light/goggles? Thanks!

    • cincodm says:

      Hey Ben, RLT is normally directed at the skin. In fact, most people report improvement in skin quality as the number one benefit!

      It seems as though the goggles are typically only a precautionary step and are not necessary. They are for people who are sensitive to the lights as they can be bright. As far as devices go, I haven’t used them but this is a reputable device/company as is Joov:


      Hope that helps. Thanks for reading/listening!


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