Hack Your Gut Podcast: Episode 11

Hey folks, bringing back the Hack Your Gut Podcast for a second go around. Topics for today’s episode include:

  • My current lifestyle & supplement protocol
  • Musings on COVID-19, including a 3-supplement combo to dramatically improve outcomes
  • Meal spacing & timing for gut health
  • Why blocking blue light later may cause you to wake earlier

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How I developed my optimized lifestyle Hack your gut

I’m this episode of the podcast, I discuss how I developed my personalized, optimized lifestyle. It took a lot of trial and error, and being precise with how I tweak things. The result: happy, healthy and thriving!
  1. How I developed my optimized lifestyle
  2. The Truth about Chronotype
  3. Meal scheduling Q&A
  4. Gut health, aging, and the epigenetic clock
  5. Ep. 14: How VT is crushing COVID-19, CFS after COVID-19, and my self-care routine

5 thoughts on “Hack Your Gut Podcast: Episode 11

  1. Julio says:

    What kind of collagen do you take? If it comes from some animal source are you concern about non human sialic acid (Neu5Gc) and its accumulation and implication in aging?
    Best regards.

    • cincodm says:

      Hey Jackie, I take Mega Food Multi for Men 40+. When I mention supplements and such in the podcast I normally link to either the product itself or where I purchase it from in the accompanying email.

      You can sign up for the email list in the righthand margin of the blog. Thanks for reading/listening!

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