New IBS case report series coming soon!!!

Hey folks, we have a special new IBS case report series coming to the blog. This is a joint venture between Hack Your Gut and Nordic Clinics in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the last year, we’ve been working together on various projects including presentations and protocols on GI problems.

This IBS case report series has been in the works for a hot minute, and we’re extremely excited to bring it to you. We’ll cover:

  • Different types of testing
  • Factors that contribute to gut problems
  • Co-morbidities that increase risks
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Supplement interventions
  • Drug interventions
  • And more…

In addition to doing blogs, we’re also looking in to doing video Q&As on social media. But what are you getting out of this? Just an undercover look at the extraordinary results people are getting merging supplemental and pharmaceutical approaches with lifestyle modification.

A deeper dive in to cases

One thing many people with gut problems experience is a high rate of relapse. As a result, many people become frustrated having to deal with gut problems for a very long time.

It’s almost like a broken record. You go to the doctor, they give you a breath test, it’s elevated, and prescribe antibiotics. Consequently, you feel good for a few weeks, maybe months, then it’s right back to square one. Rinse, repeat, you get the picture.

On the other hand, things at Nordic Clinics work much different. First, the testing is more comprehensive. You won’t just see a breath test, you’ll see other tests to help pinpoint the problem. Tests such as the 5-sugar intestinal permeability assay:

IPA test IBS case report series
5-sugar intestinal permeability assay(IPA)

The 5-sugar intestinal permeability assay allows you to not only determine if you have “leaky gut”, it allows you to assess:

  • Gastric permeability
  • Intestinal permeability
  • Intestinal damage
  • How well you absorb your nutrients.
  • Intolerance to sucrose or lactose

Most importantly, this gives a deeper dive in to where your problem is. But, there’s more. They also use GI Maps or GI360 to see what’s going on with your microbiome and in your colon. For example, they look at short chain fatty acids, mucus, blood, inflammatory markers, or the microbiome.

This level of testing sets Nordic Clinics apart from the standard runaround you get from your normal doctor. Above all, it explains why they get tremendous results with their patients.

Testing uncovers a clear pattern

I covered some of the innovative things going on at Nordic Clinics in a podcast I did with CEO and clinical physiologist Graeme Jones last year. Check that out here.

Their second to none approach has yielded tremendous results. Consequently, they’ve been awarded a grant to work with 20 of Sweden’s most difficult IBS cases through the prestigious Karolinska Institute. But that’s not all, it’s completely shaped their approach to treatment.

Early on they saw similar patterns with some patients. Treatment with supplements and drugs yielded temporary success that disappeared over time for some folk. As it turns out, that’s because these people were ignoring a crucial piece of the puzzle: Their lifestyle!

In addition to working with physicians, patients at Nordic Clinic also work with health coaches to learn how lifestyle plays a pivotal role in their treatment. This crucial part of the equation is completely missing in most approaches.

This integrated approach is one of the reasons patients at Nordic Clinics see tremendous results!


We’ll cover some really cool case studies in this IBS case report series. You’ll see how proper testing along with a combination of lifestyle and pharmaceutical/supplemental interventions yields optimal results.

We’ll also discuss symptoms and how they change over time. Above all, I hope everyone learns why lifestyle is a crucial part of the treatment puzzle in IBS.

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