Stop Leaky Gut Challenge 50% off Through Sunday!!!

Hey folks, happy Friday!!! Take some time away from the Coronavirus end of days for a moment to get some major savings!!!

This weekend the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge is 50% off. Now through Sunday, get the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge for $53. I’m not sure what’s better, getting it for $53 or saving $53. Do you know how much toilet paper you can hoard for that amount of money?

If you aren’t in the know, the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge is a 12 week plan to optimize your gut health and prevent or reverse leaky gut. It’s structured as 4 hours of learning videos and audio files that teach you the behaviors that build a strong, resilient gut.

It essentially takes the gut-specific aspects of the Circadian Retraining Program and adds in a few other factors that seal up the gut leaky-tight. By the end of the program you’ll learn the major factors regulating gut health.

After you learn the principles, follow the 18-point plan for 12 weeks. There’s also a scorecard to help you assess how well you’re doing. Any questions about your progress? Ask them in the private Facebook group.

Wanna know more about the program or want to purchase? Check out this page with all the deets along with testimonials.

Don’t need the details, just purchase here:

Stop Leaky Gut Challenge SALE!!!

Tighten up that gut and make it healthy with the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge!!!



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