Limiting the damaging effects of alcohol

Today is the day!!! The newest module of the Circadian Retraining Program is now live to all members. Limiting the Damaging Effects of Alcohol is a 16-point plan to help you minimize the negative effects of going out with your friends and enjoying a few drinks. It also contains guidelines for healthy drinking.

For those of you non-members that may want a sneak peak at the finished product, here’s a short snippet:

It’s important to point out that drinking alcohol is going to have negative repercussions. Limiting the Damaging Effects of Alcohol isn’t a free pass to inhale a bottle of vodka and just knock down some supplements.

Instead, it’s a guide to doing it in a safe manner, and supporting the body before, during, and after you do consume it.

As some of you may now, the cost of the program is going up on the 1st of March. This week is the last week to get the program for the current price of $197. The price goes up to $227 on March 1st.

And don’t worry about jumping in too early. You’ll still get all updates as they are published moving forward. So lock yourself in to the low price today. And if you want to spread out the payments, just use Paypal credit when you check out to get 6 months 0% financing on the program.

Special offer

I already dropped a special offer for people on Facebook. That same offer is extended on the blog starting today. The next 3 people who purchase and use the coupon code FB4LIFE at checkout will get a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the private Facebook group.

What goes on in the private FB page? Well, we share motivational tips, new research as it pops up, and we discuss all aspects of health in special monthly FB live discussions. Ask questions, learn about new concepts, and get the research as it gets published.

When you purchase the Circadian Retraining Program, you get all updates to the modules and new modules as they’re published, regardless of FB group status. The program also comes with 3 free months of the group to help you individualize the program to your needs and lifestyle. The private FB group is just a little extra for those who want a little extra help.

But some people want more. The lifetime membership to the FB group is great for:

1)Practitioners who want to be on the cutting edge
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5)Those who simply have a thirst for knowledge on all things human health and circadian

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