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Every year it’s the same ole story. Right about now, motivation for weight loss peaks. And just in time: You spent the last month putting on a bunch of weight.

It’ll start out great. You’ll be good for a week, maybe 2. Then, the hunger will kick in. That’s when you start rewarding yourself with things that run counter to your weight loss goals…

“I did a great job this week. Hit the gym 5 times and lost an extra pound. I can let my diet slide just this one weekend.”

Then a couple weeks later you feel sick, or get injured. Probably not a good idea to go to the gym sick or injured…

“I’ll just take off a couple of workouts. No biggie, right back on track on Monday.”

But you don’t adjust your diet accordingly, and well, you’re sick. So you’re hungry…And you eat…A lot.

Then February, being the short month that it is, flies by. You don’t know it yet, but you’ve bailed on more workouts, about 25% of them.

But you don’t know that, you haven’t been keeping track. So you can’t figure out why you’ve stalled. Or worse, gained some back.

But I do, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to lose weight. I track that stuff. It’s like clockwork for people who fail on an annual basis.

Walk in to a gym at 5:30pm at the beginning of January and do the same at the beginning of March…You’ll notice. I do. Every year…

Why you’ll fail: Poor compliance

The reason people fail on weight loss comes down to non-compliance. You can lose weight in so many ways. But the best plan is garbage if you don’t follow it.

“This year it will be different! I’m more motivated than last year and I’m going to stick with it!!!

But then you take the same approach expecting different results. They call that insanity for a reason.

Sure, it’s different for 6-8 weeks. Bootcamps and crash dieting work…for a bit. But then it’s the same old ending…every time

The reason it fails is that you give yourself the same 2 tools every year: Diet and exercise. Sure, maybe it’s Keto or Carnivore this year, or Crossfit or Peloton, but it’s still just diet and exercise.

These variables do little to nothing for the most important variable for successful weight loss: Compliance.

You can’t just focus on diet and exercise

Can you lose weight doing Keto? Yes!

Can you lose weight doing Carnivore? Yes!

Can you lose weight on low fat? True dat!

Can you lose weight doing bootcamps? Absolutely!

Can you lose weight doing cardio? Heck yeah!

These are simply tools you use to attain your weight loss goals. As long as you use them wisely they work. But the right tool for me may not be the right tool for you. At least with respect to diet and exercise.

And diet and exercise are only 2 variables. There are so many more weapons to add to your arsenal, you just don’t know it yet.

It’s time to re-write your weight loss story this year with the Circadian Weight Loss Program.

There’s so much more you can do to GUARANTEE RESULTS. Let’s re-write your story? One that ends like this…

Circadian Weight Loss Success

Why Circadian Weight loss

So what added value does addressing circadian rhythms provide for weight loss? For one, it can help big time with appetite. Hunger is controlled by circadian rhythms. It’s also controlled by how long it’s been since your last meal. And how much you’ve eaten today. When those things line up in a bad way, no amount of willpower will save you.

Circadian rhythms also determine whether you metabolize fat or store it. The enzymes for fat burning and storing are under circadian control. Obviously we want to burn fat and not store it. So, that’s another added bonus.

Most hormones involved in appetite and weight loss are under circadian control.

  • Cortisol
  • Insulin
  • Leptin
  • Ghrelin
  • Thyroid hormone

So as you can see, paying attention to circadian rhythms is tremendously useful for weight loss.

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What is the Circadian Weight Loss Program?

Learning modules

The Circadian Weight Loss Program uses learning modules to help you understand how timing plays a role in weight loss(A $100 value). This will arm you with more than a dozen tools to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Things such as when to eat, how many meals to eat, how much to eat at each meal, when to exercise, what types of exercise, how different diets play in to those things, and more. Modules include:

  1. Circadian hormones and their impact on weight loss
  2. Time to burn fat: Mitochondria and circadian rhythms in weight loss
  3. Light, feeding, and physical activity: How to use circadian rhythms to optimize weight loss
  4. Exercise for weight loss
  5. Keeping score: How to guarantee success
  6. Weight Management 101: Reaching and maintaining your goal weight

Guidance from a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience

You can bring any diet you like to the program. Low carb, low fat, Carnivore, it doesn’t matter. I’ll cover which I feel is best and some amazing recipes along the way. But rest assured, any diet will do, and everyone will share recipes from all diet types.

You can also bring your own workouts. But if you need help in that area, we got you covered. A new workout video every other week for 3 months, progressed properly with instructions on exercise technique, reps, sets, and how many times per week. That’s 7 workouts!!!!(A $350 value) And in between, special challenges to keep you on your toes.

But what good is all of that if you don’t know how well you’re doing? We got you covered on that end too. We use a proprietary compliance scorecard to help push you by gamifying the program.

Finally, there’s a private Facebook group where we’ll do the workouts, special challenges, and motivate one another to stay on track. We’ll even do some Ask Me Anything FB Live videos with a certified trainer so everyone can get their learn on. That’ll run you $90/hour for that type of advice!!!

How long does the program last? It’s 3 months long, but it never ends. Once you’re in, you can do it however long you like or however many times you want. As long as you join before January 1st. Anyone who joins after that gets the 3 month program.

How do I get the Circadian Weight Loss Program?

There are 2 fantastic ways to take advantage of the program: The deal and the steal.

The deal begins on Monday, December 16. It’s $40 per month billed on the original date of purchase each month for 4 months (Dec-Mar). So if you initially purchase on December 13 you’ll be billed on the 13th of each month through March.

The steal is quite simple and truly is a steal! The Circadian Weight Loss Program comes free with the Circadian Retraining Program. All members of that program have free access to this one. So if you buy the Circadian Retraining Program outright for the standard price of $227, you’re in. And you get the added bonus of having the Circadian Retraining Program!!!

Check that out by clicking here

You win no matter which option you choose. You’ll only lose if you pass up this program. So join today and get in the best shape of your life! Finally hit your goal weight and stay there.

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