Free course, 3 common causes of leaky gut

Looking for the causes of leaky gut? Well I have good news for you. Today we release a free new mini course to help those of you with leaky gut. The course, 3 Common Causes of Leaky Gut covers, 3 big reasons why people experience leaky gut.

One of the biggest hurdles people have with conquering leaky gut is a focus on food. Things like gluten, dairy, lectins, and things of that nature. But the problem with this focus is that it simply isn’t all that effective in building up a stronger gut. And it’s simply focusing on the symptoms rather than the underlying causes. As a result, people end up removing more foods and never solving their problem.

Who doesn’t want to eat bread, celebrate with friends, or enjoy a drink from time to time? This is completely within your grasp if you’re willing to put in the work. But don’t worry, once you’ve created behaviors that build a strong and resilient gut, the reward is more than worth the initial effort.

What is leaky gut?

So what is leaky gut? Leaky gut describes the passage of bacteria and bacterial components from the gut in to the blood. Sounds great, huh?

As a result of leaky gut, our immune system goes on high alert and wreaks havoc throughout the body. Leaky gut seems to come part and parcel with chronic disease, so fixing it is really important. But there is more than one type of leaky gut.

Causes of leaky gut

This free course covers both types of leaky gut. And our behavior can cause both.

Behavior as a cause of leaky gut

Just how does behavior play a role in leaky gut? Well, for starters, our behavior sets the stage for our physiology. It’s easy to understand how too much stress affects our entire body, including the gut. Similarly, it’s also easy to see how too much alcohol damages the gut.

All of the systems in our body communicate constantly. Hence, the way our muscles, liver, and other organ systems work impact how the gut works. But this doesn’t just happen because. Circadian rhythms are a chief regulator of this communication.

In a recent blog I covered a study showing that the biomarkers that most closely associate with leaky gut are metabolic biomarkers. You can check out that blog here, or got to the original article here.

The reason metabolic biomarkers are important is because metabolism is how our systems communicate. So when our metabolism is jacked up, our gut shortly follows.

Details of free min course

This free mini course covers 3 of the most common causes of leaky as well as the science behind why it happens. It’s 15 minutes in length and based on some of the most recent science you’ve never seen. Armed with his knowledge, you can address leaky gut by building healthier habits.

You can access the free course by going to:

You have to register to access the course. If you’ve already registered, simply login to access it. If you have problems accessing the course, try using Google Chrome as your browser.

Like this free course and want more? Stay tuned for a special announcement on Friday. Gee, wonder what could be so special about this Friday? 🙂

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