The gut microbiome: Why timing matters

The gut microbiome is a key component of our gut and overall health. But many factors go in to building a healthy microbiome, not just your diet. Diet matters, but focusing solely on diet yields poor results.

The microbiome is like an extra organ due to the many beneficial functions the microbes within in it perform for us. And as with every other organ and tissue in the body, the microbiome has a circadian clock.

In order to reap the full benefits from the gut microbiome, timing matters. But to accomplishing that requires paying attention to things most people don’t pay attention to.

So I’m excited today for the official release of the newest module in my Circadian Retraining Program. Syncing the Microbial Clock is the longest module in the program. It clockw in at just under an hour.

Syncing the Microbial Clock

Syncing the Microbial Clock synthesizes the 2 main topics of this blog: Circadian rhythms and gut health. It covers everything you need to know inside the gut and out to build a healthy microbiome.

To optimize gut health, you have to synchronize the microbial clock to the master and peripheral clocks. In this 25 minute trailer, I cover what’s important and why.

In the full-length featured video, there’s an additional 30 minutes detailing exactly what to do.

The full video is available only to Circadian Retraining Program members. And to kick off the launch, a new challenge starts December 2. The purpose of this challenge is to help members get through the module and implement it’s principles in to their life.

To check out the program or to purchase, check it out here.

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