Optimize circadian rhythms to become clear-headed & full of energy

Circadian rhythms control so many aspects of our health. And when you start using them to your advantage, you can become a completely different person.

Today we have another testimonial from a member of my Circadian Retraining Program. And unlike the others, Nicole already corrected most of her health problems. As a result, she took the initiative to help other people with theirs.

She entered the program to learn more about circadian rhythms. But she ended up seeing some great results herself. So here is her progress 6 weeks in.

Optimize Circadian Rhythms Nicole

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a private practice in Frederick, MD. I specialize in metabolism, thyroid, fertility, and women’s health. I worked in nutrition communications and policy in DC for a long time. But after I solved my own thyroid and fertility issues with nutrition changes, I decided I wanted to help others do the same.

2) What piqued your interest in the Circadian Retraining Program?

In all my online health groups, Dave’s name kept popping up. Recently in one of those groups, there was a Circadian Retraining Program testimonial that caught my eye.

I knew of circadian rhythms, but really I just thought they affected sleep. Though I sunbathe, walk outside, and wear blue blockers, that was the extent of my circadian rhythm “hygiene.” This testimonial mentioned very impressive improvements in thyroid, digestion, mood, and the immune system. I had to know more!

But what really piqued my interest was the word “resilience.” The big picture approach of improving resilience really resonates with me. Instead of restrictive dieting and intense supplement protocols, the CRP is a far more holistic approach that I think will be more effective in the long run for improving all sorts of health outcomes. 

Plus, with the change of seasons, it was great timing. My energy and overall health is never as good in the winter and I dread it. This winter it will be different!

3) So what progress have you seen?

I signed up to help my clients, but I’ve noticed so many improvements in my own health! My energy is through the roof. Even on nights I don’t sleep well or the kids get up, I feel great the next day.

I feel very motivated, clear headed, and focused. I used to experience insomnia 1-2 nights a week for no rhyme or reason. That hasn’t happened in a few weeks. My body temperature is consistently up, which is nice going into winter!

Plus, my clothes are fitting better. In one month, I gained muscle and lost body fat, without weight training. I now have the energy I need to add in more weight training! 

4)What improvement has surprised you the most?

The clear-headedness. 

5)What else are you hoping to gain from the program?

Clockwork bowel movements.

6)In your work with women with hormonal issues, do you think circadian disruption is a problem?

100%. I now have a better understand of the way circadian rhythm affects bile and estrogen metabolism.

7)Where can people get in contact with you and/or learn about what you do?


Well there you have it, another person seeing tremendous benefits from the Circadian Retraining Program. And her answer to #5 is interesting in that it is the topic for the next module in the program. But more on that next week.

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