New “Courses” on the site with all new Human’s Guide!!!

New “Human’s Guide…” course series…

Hey folks, in an effort to improve the site, I’m creating some courses to help people understand how their body works. I notice that there is a lot of confusion as to what constitutes good health advice. I think a good deal of this is corrected by earning about basic principles that the human body operates under. You can access the “Courses” section on the top menu or you can click here.

The first course is free and begins a series I want to become a user’s manual for the human body. This series is titled, “The Human’s Guide to Being Human”. It helps clarify some basic misconceptions about what we need to be healthy.

Human's guide

To access the course you have to register and create a password. If you’re new, just click on “Login to enroll” and set up your account. If you’re already a subscriber, click on “Login to enroll” and “Lost my Password” to set up a password.

This will create your Dashboard which will give yo a list of your courses. Both the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge and Circadian Retraining Program will eventually move to the “Courses” section.

Circadian weight loss coming soon

The next course to come out will be a Circadian Weight Loss program and will be a pay course. It will be sequential and progressive. This means you purchase it piece by piece and progress once you’ve attained certain goals set by the course syllabus.

This program helps introduce gradual lifestyle change so you can’t add more changes until you’ve successfully completed the previous set. This helps with compliance and ultimately success. You’ll have lifetime access to all of your courses through your dashboard.

For now, please enjoy the first installment of the Human’s Guide series. You’ll get a whole new appreciation for how much behavior shapes your health and how interconnected your body is.

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