How optimizing circadian rhythms heals the gut

Optimizing circadian rhythms is one of the greatest things you can do to help heal your gut. Whether you’re suffering from poor digestion, impaired motility, or leaky gut, working on your circadian rhythms is crucial to gut health.

The reason why circadian rhythms are so important is that all functions in the gut are regulated by them. But most people address these issues with motility aids, supplemental enzymes, probiotics, and a host of other ineffective treatments.

“Ineffective” doesn’t mean that Atrantil won’t improve your motility. It also doesn’t mean that Digest Gold won’t help digest your food. What it means is that whatever damage is impairing these functions is still there. And somewhere down the road, it’ll rear it’s ugly head elsewhere.

So why not address the underlying cause? Many believe the underlying cause is dysbiosis or a pathogenic overgrowth like Candida overgrowth. But all of these are just symptoms of a gut that is no longer resilient. And unfortunately, supplements don’t build resilience, your behavior does.

Optimizing circadian rhythms heals the gut

Circadian rhythms regulate gut function

The simplest way to look at circadian rhythms is that they help the gut know when to prepare for attack, and when to repair damage from that attack. What goes on in the gut every day is an all out war, and your soldiers need time to recover to prepare for tomorrow

Sadly, most people don’t know this. And as they get older, or even sometimes when they’re young, the gut falters. Some of the things people experience due to a loss of resilience in the gut include:

  • Chronic gas/bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Food intolerance
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety/depression

For most, thousands of dollars in supplements per year and a long road of restricting foods is the path. As a result, resilience is completely lost. Trust me, based on the people I’ve worked with, this is not the path to success. In fact, it’s the road to further restriction and a food list of 5 different foods. And with it, a total loss of enjoyment from food.

Optimizing circadian rhythms builds resilience

In order for your gut to function properly, optimizing circadian rhythms is a must. Circadian rhythms will:

  • Build up your ability to digest your food by synthesizing and storing more digestive enzymes
  • Fight bacteria and block inflammation via the mucosal defense system
  • Regulate motility to prevent SIBO and form healthy stools
  • Optimize gastric motility and acid secretion
  • Promote tolerance of food by training the immune system

But to get these benefits, you have to do the things that help your gut tell the time. And you have to do this day in and day out until your gut recovers. From there on out, it’s all about finding the balance you want to live your life while at the same time helping your gut maintain balance.

Much of what is common today is bad for the gut. That’s why gut problems are increasingly common.

I can tell you, most people are doing more things wrong than they’re doing right. Many are shocked when they learn that what their practitioner has told them or what they’ve picked up on the internet is the opposite of what they should do.

People are thriving by optimizing their circadian rhythms

I’ve shared a number of success stories from the program in blogs.

In fact, everyone has seen a dramatic improvement in the foods they can enjoy with the program. They were reacting to foods simply because their gut lost its resilience. Once resilience ss re-established, you begin thriving again.

No more asking what’s in this, or what’s in that? No more waiting for a reaction because the restaurant screwed up the order. And you can have this too! A program that helps you understand what sets the gut off and how to avoid it. Information you can take with you for the rest of your life.

“The Circadian Retraining Program is wonderful and helps me finally understand the underlying issues causing gut dysfunction. It has helped me learn to manage my IBS-D which has been plaguing me for decades. I finally do things like safely leave the house without worrying about the sudden onset of symptoms and live a normal life.”

-Andrew, IBS-D sufferer and program member

Circadian Retraining Program

You may be wondering how you can get in on all of this. Well lucky for you the Circadian Retraining Program covers all you need to know about structuring your life to take advantage of circadian physiology.

You get 16 hours of Powerpoint videos on how to optimize your circadian rhythms. It covers topics such as sleep hygiene, nutritional factors, physical activity, the feeding/fasting cycle, and more.

This program has everything you need to conquer fatigue, depression, sleep issues, and help heal your gut for good. As part of the program, you can enjoy a 1 month membership in the private Facebook Group to learn more and ask questions to get the program individualized to you.

Check out the full details here:

Circadian Retraining Program

Circadian Retraining Program

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