Details on the big changes coming to the blog

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, there are some big changes coming to Hack Your Gut. A lot of changes are coming to both the paid programs side as well as to the blog in general. We’re also doing a complete redesign of the blog. Read on to see what our new offerings are and how you can get them now for a one-time, LIFETIME membership!

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Changes to Programs

The biggest changes involve the program offerings. We’re still offering the Circadian Retraining Program and Stop Leaky Gut Challenge. The prices remain the same, with the Circadian Retraining Program costing $227 and the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge costing $107.

But the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge will no longer come free with the Circadian Retraining Program. We’ll offer a separate Circadian Retraining Program/Stop Leaky Gut Challenge bundle for $277.

To learn more about what the Circadian Retraining Program can do for you and read testimonials, CLICK HERE.

There will also be 3 new bundles:

  • Circadian Basics Bundle-This will include the first 6 modules of the Circadian Retraining Program. You can purchase some of the other modules separately at differing price levels. Cost for this bundle is $97.
  • Addressing Adrenal Dysfunction Bundle-This bundle contains the same 6 modules in the Circadian Basics Bundle above as well as the Addressing Adrenal Dysfunction module for people with adrenal issues. Cost for this bundle is $117.
  • Addressing Type 2 Diabetes Bundle-This bundle contains the same 6 modules as the Circadian Basics Bundle with an additional module on optimizing blood glucose and insulin levels. Cost for this bundle is $117.

Another major change involves the private Facebook Group. There are no changes to the Stop Leaky Gut Challenge Facebook Group, but the Circadian Retraining Program Facebook Group will no longer come with a lifetime membership

People who purchase the Circadian Retraining Program will receive a 1-month membership to the Private Facebook Group to help individualize the program to their specific needs. You can also join in on the bi-monthly Facebook Live discussions with:

  • Deeper analysis of the blogs and actionable steps
  • Review of new studies and how to apply that information
  • Participate in regular challenges to keep things fresh and dialed in

However, you can start your month immediately after purchase, or wait to activate it until after you watch all of the videos. After the free month is up, you can purchase an annual membership for $100. This offer is only offered to people who purchased the entire program and includes the premium blog membership discussed below as well.

Changes to the page and blog

There will also be numerous changes to the page. First and foremost, the page will be completely re-designed and updated. Our goal is to improve the user experience and make it look nicer. So she’ll be getting a fresh coat of paint and all the bells and whistles to make her a little more modern.

For instance, we’re adding a section on products that we like along with reviews of the products. There’s a backlog of product reviews that we’ll finish and add immediately. This includes things like supplements, equipment, and therapeutic devices.

And the blog, expect a complete redesign. First and foremost, blogs will be shorter and more concise for people who don’t have time to read a 2000 word blog post. Fortunately, a lot of the blogs that were already created contain a lot of the science, so we’re referencing those for people who want the deeper science.

A new feature is a premium membership portal. Since people have asked how they can support the blog, we’re developing some premium content for people who want to support the blog. For instance:

  • Videos on gut health including the full-length videos for the Gut Optimization Protocol and Conquering Oxalates videos. You can check out the trailer for the Conquering Oxalates video here.
  • A monthly newsletter called Circadian Monthly discussing some important aspects of circadian rhythms and how they can help optimize your health
  • Deeper analysis of the blogs with actionable steps and checklists
  • A recipe and menu section detailing foods beneficial to gut health as well as special nutrients in the foods that are important.

A Premium blog membership will be $60 annually. All of the new blog features will be finished by September 1st as will the new program offerings.

Still 2 days left to purchase a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!!!

While the blog is under construction, the Circadian Retraining Program and Stop Leaky Gut Challenge can still be purchased but the above rules go in to effect August 1st. However, you have until the end of July to purchase the Lifetime Membership for $227.

Just what does the Lifetime Membership get you? Well, you know everything listed above? That’s ALL FREE for Lifetime Members. All of the programs, the private Facebook Group, and even the Premium blog membership…


So don’t hesitate, Wednesday is the last day to get the Circadian Retraining Program for a one-time lifetime membership fee of $227. After that, monthly membership fees apply. Click “Buy Now” to get in on all the action!


Circadian Retraining Program


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