Jennifer Crystal: One Tick Stopped the Clock

In this video I interview Jennifer Crystal who teaches creative writing in Massachusets and Vermont and writes a column at She has just finished a book called One Tick Stopped the Clock about her experiences with Lyme Disease. As most people who have suffered with Lyme disease, Jennifer spent almost 10 years going through the wringer trying to figured out what was going on with her health.

Jennifer popped up on my radar as I was doing some research on circadian rhythms and Lyme disease. Latent infections that pop up randomly just scream circadian rhythms to me. I found a blog of hers detailing how changing the clocks would cause a relapse of her symptoms as she was battling with Lyme. Then I found another on how sticking to a schedule was part of her routine.

Jennifer spent 8 years being misdiagnosed, but this story has a happy ending: She’s been in remission for 12 years. She didn’t find the magic pill we’re all hoping for, but what she found was a way to conquer Lyme disease following her own path.

We discuss what she did, the mindset she needed to find, and a little bit about how finding the right sleep doctor who clued her in to the importance of circadian rhythms got her to where she is today. Her experience is very relatable to anyone who has had a chronic condition, and I think many will get tremendous benefit from this interview and her book, coming soon.

Her book is meant to encourage people with any sort of adversity in life to find their way. As a patient advocate, her hope is also to bring attention Lyme disease and the people affected by it.  If you’d like to contact Jennifer, her contact info and the therapies she mentioned in the video can be found below.

If you’d like to contact Jennifer on the internet or on social media, you can find her at:
IG: lymewarriorjennifercrystal
Twitter: @writerjcrystal

Her blog Falling Back: It’s Not Real can be found here:

Falling Back: It’s Not Real

Her blog Scheduling life with Lyme can be found here:

Scheduling Life with Lyme Disease

Her sleep doctor in Great Barrington, MA is Dr. Ed O’Malley who runs a clinic focusing on holistic health. You can find info at:

Integrative Sleep Medicine

Information on Neuroptimal, the neurofeedback program she did can be found here:

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