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Hey folks, this week I have a little treat for readers of the blog.  Today I’m going to post a free, previously recorded version of the Facebook “Live” videos I’ve been doing for the private Circadian Retraining Program group.

Typically I use these videos to go over interesting topics brought up during our weekly discussions, break down the blogs a little deeper with actionable information, cover new studies on circadian rhythms and gut health, and go through challenges with group members to help adopt better habits that promote health.

Normally I timestamp the videos as they go, but since this is recorded I’ll just post an outline with pertinent references and chapter timing below the video.  Enjoy!

  • (0:00) Typical CRP FB Live layout
  • (4:00) Next video interview will be recorded next Monday and will be with Jennifer Crystal, who has a book coming out on Lyme’s disease and is the author of the blog I posted on Lyme’s disease flare ups when we spring forward and fall back. We’ll be discussing her experiences with Lyme in general as well as how circadian rhythms have helped her.  If anyone has questions feel free to submit them in the comments section.
  • (7:32) Lowering Chylomicrons-Update on Leaky gut (
    • Protein consumption lowers CM secretion, whey protein with a meal in particular
    • Soluble fiber intake, specifically wheat and oat lower CM
    • Mg potentially useful, at least to avoid deficiency
    • Ca, polyphenols, and Zn depletion may also be useful, but low data ( )
  • (13:25) Passive stretching lowers blood glucose levels (
    • Pretty big sustained drop compared to passive movement
      • Stretches held for 4×30 seconds.
  • (14:56) Wearables and sleep
    • Matthew Walker on The Drive-Useful for sleep length, differentiating between NREM and REM sleep, but not so much for dividing NREM in to deep and light
    • Recommends use for general trends over weeks, but don’t snap to judgement on outliers or light vs deep
    • EMFs and wearables…
  • (19:08) EMFs have been all the rage lately, so I’ve dug in to them a little bit
    • There is a disturbing trend where statements on websites don’t match the citation they use, and this is very common
      • I will probably go through the non-tinfoil hat guide to EMFs sooner rather than later to see if the statements jibe with the literature and report back
    • RF is 99% blocked by dead chicken skin
    • Nevertheless, EMFs may operate via the skin as the skin is your largest organ and communicates with the rest of the body
      • For more on this, watch module 11 on the skin and circadian rhythms
    • Skin manifestations of EHS are the most common issues and seem to pair with MCS
  • (29:21) For those not in the group, we occasionally do challenges to help identify habits that improve our health and that we can adopt to correct problems or optimize function
    • We use objective and subjective measures to determine benefit or not
    • The Stop Leaky Gut Challenge was the first of these and worked very well for a couple of people, one of which had a major breakthrough
    • We’ve also done a sleep hygiene challenge to optimize our wind down period before bed
    • The next challenge is the “everything but the…” challenge where we are going to do things that most people don’t think of as helpful such as skin health, oral health, muscular health, etc.
      • Phase 1 is going to be on skin health and I’ll have a list of what you need as well as a compliance form on Wednesday
      • We’ll follow for 2 weeks and then add new stuff every 2 weeks
  • (32:27) On tap for next week…
    • Why autophagy is important for circadian rhythms and why different tissues probably have different signals for autophagy
      • It’s not just about fasting
    • Why correcting obesity/overweight is the top priority in syncing circadian rhythms
    • Nutrients that are critical in syncing circadian rhythms update

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