Interview with Brian Popp, working to overcome IBS-D


Hey folks, another interview on the blog this week, this time with Brian Popp, who has been working to slay IBS-D for a few years.  Brian joined the Circadian Retraining Program this past fall and has worked his way from seeing flares 5 times a week to 2 times per month.  In this interview he discusses how stress played a prominent role in causing his flares and how he has managed to knock them back by changing his approach from the restrictive dieting/boatload of supplements that has hijacked functional medicine to a more rational approach that requires neither.

I remember Brian sending me an email last Summer inquiring about the program.  I told him to give time-restricted feeding a try and if he saw benefits that my program would be in his best interest.  A few months later he joined and has seen some major progress using multiple approaches.  He was sick of the standard runaround of , “don’t eat this and take these.”

He recently went back to his functional medicine doctor and they were amazed at how well he was doing.  He told them that the traditional approach didn’t help him at all.  He was diagnosed with a list of food intolerances and given $500/month in supplements, but it didn’t help.  He changed his perspective and has benefited greatly from it.

Just a couple of notes from the video.  Brian wanted to let everyone know that he eats without restriction, save for a food allergy he’s had since birth.  He’s been able to go out and enjoy himself at dinner with his girlfriend, and looks forward to diversifying his diet as he sees a great importance in doing so.  The reason he did the interview was because he wants people to keep fighting, because he knows how bleak it can seem but health is worth fighting for.

Hope you guys enjoy this, I think I may do a couple more interviews with people who have dealt with chronic health issues and come out victorious.  It’s always a multi-modality approach and it’s so interesting to hear about what works for everyone.

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