Interview with Graeme Jones, CEO and clinical physiologist at Nordic Clinics in Stockholm

Hello folks, today I have quite a treat for you.  I recently sat down with Graeme Jones, clinical physiologist and CEO of Nordic Clinics in Stockholm, Sweden.  Graeme first came on my radar a couple of years ago; he also follows the blog and is a member of the Circadian Retraining Program.  We’ve had numerous discussions back and forth and when he revealed their healthcare model I just had to cover it in an interview.

They’ve had extraordinary success in helping people with gut problems, and I think their model is a key driver of this success.  Rather than working in isolation, they take a team approach where physicians, dietitians, health coaches, and researchers all collaborate with one another to develop a treatment plan.  They use a combination of testing, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and lifestyle interventions to throw everything they can at functional gut disorders.

Their success has given them a reputation for helping people with chronic problems that aren’t correctable with conventional medicine.  This includes IBS, SIBO, ME/CFS, and all of the problems most people reading this blog are dealing with.  They recently began collaborating with the world-renowned Karolinska Institute, treating 20 of the most difficult IBS patients with their approach.

In this interview we cover a range of topics including:

  • The Nordic Clinic approach to treating chronic disease
  • How a blend of testing, pharmaceuticals/supplements, and lifestyle modification can correct chronic disease
  • Some measurements you can use at home to help guide progress(I use these in the Circadian Retraining Program, they’re essential)
  • Why symptom management is important for correcting chronic disease but can give the illusion of a cure
  • The real cause of SIBO
  • Why people who often “cure” IBS or SIBO generally find their way back within 2 years
  • Why Nordic Clinics seems to have so much success and how the patient’s state of mind is crucial
  • Why you can’t separate the emotional component from the physiological component
  • And much more…

They do some fantastic testing, and I touch upon a cool intestinal permeability test they use that I did not too long ago.  We’ll probably cover that and some other testing in a future interview.

I gotta tell, you I was very psyched after this conversation.  I’m not buying the ability of conventional medicine to ever be able to adequately address chronic disease because there are so many things going on that a single mechanism pharmaceutical intervention just won’t cut it.

Slowly but surely, informed patients are realizing how important it is to address chronic issues with a combination of lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, and supplements.  The team approach is the way to go, and it isn’t gaining steam here in the United States because it isn’t really economically feasible for most people, and good luck getting insurance to pay for it.

With any luck, places like Nordic Clinic in Stockholm will become more commonplace and more people will get the help they need to overcome chronic disease.

Enjoy the interview!

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