Optimizing Blood Glucose Regulation


In this episode of the podcast I cover the ins and outs of optimizing blood gluccoe regulation.  Perhaps no factor is more important to optimizing gut health and promoting a healthy lifespan(healthspan) more than proper blood glucose regulation.  Unfortunately if you live in the US, chances are quite good that yours is bad, and as a result, your gut health is probably suffering.

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that as long as they don’t have Type 2 diabetes that their blood glucose isn’t an issue.  Others also incorrectly believe that the only viable solution to correcting blood glucose regulation problems is a low carb diet.  Most of the confusion can be cleared up by understanding how blood glucose is regulated and the many behavioral factors you can use to optimize it.

Hyperglycemia is damaging to the gut in many ways as it damages the vagus and enteric nerves which are charged with regulating gut function.  While the chronic hyperglycemia that comes with poorly regulated Type 1 or 2 diabetes is worse than an occasional bout, many of our behaviors can cause us to experience repeated bouts of hyperglycemia even if we don’t have either.

Join me as I discuss how you can stay on top of your blood glucose to help optimize your health.

2 thoughts on “Optimizing Blood Glucose Regulation

  1. larry r says:

    optimal time to exercise for a type 2d? what exercise is optimal and what time? you can walk…run? sprints? weights?

    • cincodm says:

      Varies between people. Most should regularly getting adequate physical activity through walking, doing cardiovascular exercise, and strength training.

      When you should do it depends on which type of exercise you’re doing, your current condition, and training history. Always start easy and work your way up.

      How much you HAVE to do depends on how bad your type 2 diabetes is. I highly recommend people with Type 2 diabetes work with a trainer or join an online program for direction.

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