Podcast 2-Mitochondria

In this weeks podcast, I cover the mitochondria.  Specifically, why they’re important, what they do, and how we can maintain proper mitochondrial quality control for optimal health.  We’ll cover…

  1. What are mitochondria?
  2. Important processes the mitochondria are involved in
    1. Provide >90% of you ATP
    2. Play an integral role in hormone synthesis
    3. Intermediates for epigenetic regulation require mitochondrial derived products
    4. Microbiome-gut crosstalk
  3. The consequences of unhealthy mitochondria
  4. How you maintain many healthy mitochondria
  5. Factors that affect mitochondrial quality control
    1. Circadian rhythms
    2. Energetic stress-ATP demand>ATP need
    3. Exercise, calorie restriction, and fasting
  6. Mitochondrial homolgy
    1. Cheek mitochondria are 85% similar to muscle


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