Podcast #1-Introduction and what we’ll cover


Hey folks, see that little audio bar above?  CLICK IT!  In an attempt to get you more information in multiple formats, I’m going to begin doing little 20-30 minute podcasts/audioblogs covering some of the topics that I think are really important for gut health.  I realize that some people just don’t have the energy or focus to make it through a 3000 word blog posts, and I think this is a solid workaround, one that I use quite often on walks or while in the car.  These podcasts will center around how we can use lifestyle to optimize gut health with a focus on being brief and not overly science-y.

This brings me to an exciting announcement I have to make.  At this point, I think there is more than enough data to lay down a lifestyle protocol to prevent leaky gut.  I hope to have this completed by the end of the year, but I’m still hammering out the details on how I’m going to release it. Right now the plan is to release it as a part of my Circadian Retraining Program because a lot of that information overlaps, and I won’t have to re-cover all of the information I’ve already covered in past modules.

Regardless, anyone who is a member of the program by the time I announce and release it will get it as part of the Circadian Retraining Program when it’s completed.  After that, I may release it separately, or simply increase the price of the Circadian Retraining Program and make it a module there.  For those of you already in the program, be on the lookout for some private blogs coming your way in the next couple of weeks so that I can get the information to you sooner.

Normally there will be show notes, but for the first one I’m simply going to introduce myself and discuss some of the topics I’ll be covering.  Here is a rough outline of the podcast, and feel free to let me know how you like this format in the comments section below or on Facebook.

  1. Introduction-Who I am and how I got here
    1. UPenn
    2. Paleo
    3. How the traditional approach to gut health failed
    4. Beginnings of hackyourgut.com
  2. Lifestyle and gut health
    1. How the gut works-We are not systems in isolation
    2. How supplements can work
      1. Traditional cultures treat problems w/ herbal teas/tinctures, we need highly concentrated isolated components
    3. Where functional medicine goes wrong
      1. Treating isolated symptoms with supplements is no different than pharma drugs other than you can be most certain what’s in the pharma drugs
      2. MTHFR and thiamine
  3. Where hackyourgut.com is going
  4. What we’ll be covering
    1. Circadian rhythms
    2. Sleep
    3. Fasting
    4. Exercise
    5. Gut health and longevity/healthspan



6 thoughts on “Podcast #1-Introduction and what we’ll cover

  1. Alex says:

    Any chances of a download link for those who podcast-and-drive? 😉

    Not for me of course, I searched your html to find it, but for others without an IT background haha

    • cincodm says:

      I plan on listing it in the itunes podcast app once I get enough episodes. Not sure how I’d do a download link, but once I figure it out I’ll be sure to do it. Thanks for the ti
      p and thanks for reading!

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