How healthy circadian rhythms prevent chronic disease

A wonderful video/podcast was brought to my attention this weekend by one of the members of my Circadian Retraining Program private group.  Normally it takes a bit of time for me to get to watching some of these videos, but the way she stated how she related to the material and how it validated her choice to become a member made me jump right in.


Obviously with such praise and the topic of consideration, circadian rhythms, I had to jump on this.  I was familiar with part 1 of this podcast because it essentially sent most people with “adrenal fatigue” in to a shitstorm about whether or not their condition existed a few years back.  In this podcast they clarify what was meant and discuss what is one of the primary underlying issues behind chronic conditions: Circadian Disruption.

There’s a ton of discussion on circadian mechanisms behind adrenal dysfunction, how circadian disruption promotes autoimmunity and chronic disease, as well as a few helpful tips on things you can do to turn the ship around.  For younger people these tips may be sufficient to see real progress, but a more comprehensive approach is likely necessary for people over 40.  She ultimately believes that the only route out of chronic disease, based on her repeated clinical experience, is through optimization of circadian rhythms.

I’m thrilled that people are finally getting on the circadian train.  It’s useful on so many levels, from one of the critical components to help cure chronic disease to making the progression from chronic disease to the health cycle more manageable and less painful.  I’m also pretty psyched that as far as I can tell my program is pretty far ahead of the curve as it comes to approaching circadian rhythms…by far!  Well enough with the shameless plugging, enjoy the video.

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