Great 2-part documentary on gut health


If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of your learn-on about gut health.  From time to time, I kinda get bored of reading research articles and enjoy a little fluff.  So I was pleasantly surprised to come upon this 2 part series on gut health from Catalyst, an Australian investigative science television series on gut health.

I really wish American television would get on board with this stuff.  The Aussies have Catalyst and the Brits have Horizon…We have Dr. Oz peddling Raspberry ketones.

So anyway, back to this great 2 parter, entitled Gut Reaction.  One thing that’s very concerning for me, especially with people dealing with gut disorders, is an avoidance of fiber.  In my mind, there is absolutely no doubt that this will have long-term consequences on blood glucose control.  This documentary covers a lot of ground on how our gut microbes impact our overall health.

From an older dude who dramatically improves his asthma with his diet, to a young buck with normal blood glucose handling but a terrible insulin response when compared to a much older gut, Gut Reaction teaches us some very cool science on how components of our diet such as vinegar can improve our health.  They even cover emerging science on fecal micorbiota transplants(FMTs) for ulcerative colitis.

One really cool thing they cover is how the microbiome plays a role in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  If what they cover turns out to be true, and the data on vaping having no significant impact on the microbiome pans out, vaping may clearly be better than smoking cigarettes.  Anyway, enough rambling, check it out…

Part 1




Part 2


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